Lapel Pins

Lapel pins might be a completely new idea to some, but it’s a fashion choice that everyone can get on board with. Also called enamel pins, these small, pretty jewelry pieces have a long and storied history, as well as a whole lot of different applications.

15 Reasons to Love Geocaching

15 Reasons to Love Geocaching

How Soft Enamel Pins Are Made

Soft enamel lapel pins are one of our most popular pin styles.

What else can we do with your logo

We offer a wide variety of options using the same pin design. With your design, you can get a variety of other high-quality products with your order. See just a few of what's available for you below.

Why do you wear the Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different organizations.

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12 Tips for Hosting a Geocaching Event

Who doesn't love a good party with great geocaching friends? Answer: No one. Geocaching Events are a great way to meet the local geocaching community where everyone is oddly enough, just like you. Geocachers will designate a time and location to meet and discuss their favorite hobby. Geocaching events are fun, so always expect a good time! Anyone can plan and host an event. Here are 12 tips and tricks to get you started on planning the best geo-bash around.

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