15 Reasons to Love Geocaching

15 Reasons to Love Geocaching

We asked geocachers to share why they geocache. Their answers reminded everyone here at Geocaching why we're more excited than ever to support this game. We hope they inspire you too!

1. You'll find that discovery, exploration and adventure still exist in the real-world.
I think it is so neat that they are hidden EVERYWHERE! There is a whole world around us that most people never notice.

It gets you outside!
I geocache to get out of the house and enjoy nature. I have been taken to some very beautiful places in America, Ireland, and England. I would never have seen what I have seen if it wasn't for geocaching.

It's a great way to stay healthy while having fun.

    It can be great exercise and you will go places you never would of thought of, and it gives you a challenge as well!

It's fun for the whole family.
It's the thrill of the find and it's getting the whole family out of the house and doing something fun TOGETHER! Love it!

You can see the world.
It takes us to some amazing places off the beaten track that we would never know existed.

And experience new places like a local.
Why geocache? Because it takes you places that you never knew existed! It's such an adventure!!!

Or discover places you never knew existed right in your own neighborhood.
I discover places I've never been even though I've been there a million times.

You can learn fun facts about Planet Earth.
    It's so much fun to take the family out, see nature or even places you would never have seen before and feel like you have a purpose.

9. And help give back too!
    I geocache for fun, nature, and health.

10. You will be delighted by the work of artists and engineers.
      There are some very clever cache owners that have put a lot of thought into their caches. It's more than finding just tupperware in the woods!

11. And you can make the best of friends.
      I REALLY like geocaching events. You get to meet and greet so many people.

12. You might even fall in love
     I took my wife caching on our first date to take the focus and attention off of me and put it on something I thought (and hoped) she would like. Fast forward, Linda and I are now WeFoundLove.

13. It will stretch you to your limits - physically and mentally.
      I love a challenge and the thrill of victory.

14. But also guide you to moments of peace and serenity.
      It's a good way for me to de-stress.

15. You'll have stories to last a lifetime.
      Every geocacher who shared why they geocache had an incredible story to share - a story of discovery, exploration, adventure and friendship.
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